Sunday, November 23, 2008

20 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. In second grade I peed in my pants in class because I was too afraid to go to the bathroom. I thought I would get stuck on the toilet when the fire alarm went off and be left behind in a burning building (what second grader thinks like that?)

2. I memorized the entire Lion King sound track (from the movie, not the play). I also secretly cried when I first saw it in the movie theatre when Simba's dad dies.

3. I use to study books on animals like it was no one's business. My goal was to know everything about every animal (sometimes I wish I were still that ambitious).

4. My friend's older brother snuck us into Jerry Mcquire when we were younger and not allowed in an R rated movie.

5. I have to rub my feet together before I get into bed to make sure I do not bring in any dirt or particles.

6. I cannot sit still. I feel like I always need to be doing something! If I am not, then it bothers me. The only time I really sit down is when I read and take time to watch some TV.

7. I enjoy smoking cigars once in a while.

8. My friend in middle school took me to CVS and stole a tube of lipstick and wanted me to steal something. I told her no! I would feel so awful.

9. I am extremely sensitive. I know you all know this, but I think I have realized just how much I am lately. I tend to take things personally...even if I should not. It is hard not to though.

10. I am obsessed with apple sauce. I buy the little individual cups and eat them everyday. I actually had two today.

11. I wake up about 20 mins before I have to go to work. It is very convenient I live down the road, sometimes too convenient.

12. I was Kyle Noddins g/f in elementary school and broke up with him because he said he loved me. I also dated Gabriel Pacheco in middle school and broke up with him because he started swearing...

13. I am a heart breaker.

14. I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up...

15. Since moving around I have become very good at blending in well with people! It has actually become very easy for me to make friends.

16. I would like to have a motorcycle one day.

17. When we lived in Farmington, CT my mom helped me start up a "nature club". I am not too sure how long it lasted, but I recruited my friends.

18. Grocery shopping stresses me out.

19. Sadie and I are taking agility classes, so she can learn to jump through hoops.

20. I like Florida a lot, but I miss NC and I hope to live next to all the family one day so our kids can play together and we can have big family dinners!!!