Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nicole and her animals...

Meet my new addition to the family!!! Ok, I am so kidding. My good friend Michelle came over one night and brought Abby (her tiny 11 year old yorkie). This is a very rare picture as you can see...and kind of funny. All these animals do not get along. Abby is terrified of big ol' Sadie. Sadie would not hurt her, but she wants to play! Toby did not mind Abby, but I think Abby was afraid of Toby too. So, I am not too sure what happened, but they all appeared on the couch together and I was able to grab my camera and take a picture without ONE of them moving...AMAZING. So, I thought I would share with everyone!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Since Scott came to visit me for my birthday...I thought I would suprise him with an early Christmas present. I took him to the Harley Davidson Dealership and we rented the Cross Bones and spent all day riding around. We met up with Erin and Moose to grab lunch. It was a nice day and I think Scott really enjoyed his suprise!